16-Inch Swing Block for 3/4" cable.

24-Inch Swing Block for 1" Cable.

Swing Blocks

DMI has a variety of heavy duty swing blocks that are ideal for use in dredging applications. We carry 12-Inch and 16-Inch swing blocks in our inventory.

We stock replacent sheaves for our 12-Inch, 16-Inch, and 24-Inch swing blocks.

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12-Inch Shrouded Swing Block


  • Heavy-Duty cast steel construction specifically designed for dredging applications.
  • Wide throated shrouds for improved cable fairleading performance, particularly when used in horizontal orientation.
  • Bronze thrust washers on each side of the sheave take thrust load and prevent the sheave hub from wearing on the housing.
  • Forged steel swivel eyebolt allows for non-binding orientation of the swing block.
  • Grease lubricated for long life of bronze bushed sheave.
  • Uses DMI standard 12” replacement sheave.
Part Number: 331032 Housing Material: ASTM A148 Cast Steel
Weight: 100 lbs (45.4 kg) Sheave Material: AISI 4340 Cast Steel
Working Load Limit:* 10,000 lbs (4540 kg) Sheave Bushing Material: SAE 660 Bronze
Wire Rope Size: 5/8 Inch Diameter Thrust Washer Material: SAE 660 Bronze

* Working load limit as described in OSHA Regulation 1919.31. Proof Load is four (4) times the Working Load Limit.
Not rated for personnel hoisting. See OSHA Regulation 1926.550 for rules on hoisting personnel.
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